Check Out “Seasons: A Poetry Anthology!”

Hey, fellas! Happy Memorial Day Weekend! If you’re bummed about being stuck at home for the holiday, I know something you could do to cheer yourselves up: take a look at the second book I wrote with the SMS Novel Group! The book is a poetry anthology titled Seasons, and the poems we had written were inspired about our emotions. For instance, many of us wrote about past experiences that made us angry and sad, as well as our feelings about the COVID-19 pandemic. If you want a sneak peek, most of the poems I wrote were about issues that make me furious, such as bullying and domestic violence. For the full story, you must go to Amazon or SMS Novel and get the book. The E-book is free, but if you prefer the physical version of the book (like me), you’ll have to order the book from the SMS Novel website for $19.99. The link to the website is below. Enjoy!

Seasons: A Poetry Anthology by [Jana Keely, Carlin Hertz, Anna Draniewicz, Yvonne Harris, Bethany James, Lordy Belance]
Photo Credit: Seasons: A Poetry Anthology- SMS Novel/Amazon

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