Please donate to BTSADV!

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! How many of you can’t stand when a man raises their hand against a woman, and vice versa? How many of you have either experienced this first hand or witnessed someone else going through it? If you answered yes (or raised your hand) to any of these questions, you may be interested in donating to my (post) birthday fundraiser for Breaking the Silence Against Domestic Violence. I chose this organization for my birthday fundraiser this year because I sympathize with people in abusive relationships. No one should have to put up with domestic violence. If you agree with me, please head over to my Facebook Fundraiser page and donate as much as you can (the minimum they allow you to send is $5). BTSADV uses donations to fund programs such as the Angel Scholarship Program and the Survivor Sisters Retreat. You could go on the BTSADV website to find out more about them, their mission, and about how they use donations. Thank you very much in advance!

#breakthesilence #saynotodv #wordsnothands #thegoldenrule

Domestic Violence Awareness Month
Domestic Violence Awareness Month by heraldpost

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